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Tight Financial

anytime and anyplace, from the trading recommendation, through ongoing follow-up, and until full execution.

The Smart Breaking Window

is prominent on top of all your desktop windows, and includes: explanations and graphs for every alert, synchronized trading platform data, indicators, alerts history, and a smart navigation option between all trade phases, and between the different financial instruments.

Information to the Computer & mobile

enabling you to make money anywhere and anytime, while on work, on vacation, or on a walk in the park.

An Innovative Direct Communication

bringing you in real time through a breaking window all the information you need. From now on, you don't need to look for the information on websites and emails.

A proven track record of over a year on the company website.

Smart Technology

Make Money Anytime & Anywhere

We have all the info that will help you make money AND all of it in one place!!!

1. Messaging area
2. MT4 position
3. Currency buy status

By downloading client, get the most complete trading tool:

  • Small window = Text, currency buy power & MT4 position status
  • Icon on task bar = Quick access to info, e.g. client, history portal
  • Software for traders = All relevant daily info in one place
  • Texts messaging alerts = Real-time info with their sources

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